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About Us

The Cleveland Chapter of Jack and Jill of America, Inc. was born of friendship. At the urging of several Pittsburgh Jack and Jill members, Louise Kent-Hope called together a small group of friends to form a Chapter in Cleveland. This meeting was held at the home of Louise and Carl Kent in September 1945 to discuss establishing a chapter and the goals to be achieved. The goal of these parents was to enrich the lives of their children through cultural, civic and social experiences.

With these goals in mind, the Cleveland Chapter was chartered by, and became an official part of, the National Organization of Jack and Jill of America, Inc. on September 11, 1949. At that time, there were twenty-three charter members. Since 1949, with a lot of hard work and dedication to service, the Cleveland Chapter has grown from twenty-three original charter members to its present membership of seventy-four families.

As a part of the national Organization, the Cleveland Chapter has continued to carry out the specific objectives and aims by working to create a medium of contact for children which stimulates growth and development, as well as providing constructive education, cultural, civic, recreational and social programs for them; to aid mothers in learning more about their children by careful study; to seek for all children the same advantages we desire for our own; and to support all national legislation aimed at bettering the conditions for all children.

In addition, the Cleveland Chapter has monthly activities involving our children in programs that range from field trips to various cultural and civic programs in the Greater Cleveland area, workshops on career awareness, staying connected with college students by sending them notes and "care packages" to adopting a school as academic tutors to fourth graders preparing for their state proficiency exams.

For more information regarding Jack & Jill of America, please visit our national website at  http://jackandjillinc.org/.

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